Speed and dynamism, interconnection and overlapping. In this vibrant city that never halts, real connections can still be made.

#weareconnectioners - Data: sept. 04, 2017

The observant eye of photographer Riccardo Vimercati takes a close look at the models in the Colmar Originals Fall Winter 17/18 campaign amid the lights of London, the big city par excellence, synonymous with style, intensity, creativity and connections.

The camera captures the expression of the new Collection, travelling at the unrelenting pace typical of England’s capital.

The lights help to set this pace, beating out the rhythm and creating moments that spring to life in neon signs, in the sudden flash of a reflection or in the headlights of the cars that light up the night and the details of the models featured.


The lights mark out a route, leading to a place to carve out our own space and time amid the bustle of the big city.

All of a sudden, the models come together, their eyes meet, and they make a connection.

Ready to reveal their identity on the streets and at the crossroads where stories of different – yet perfectly compatible – lives come together.

The big city becomes their dimension, the moment becomes their time.

What were mere details to begin with are now revealed in their full glory: the Colmar Originals Fall Winter 17/18 Collection is part of these lights, this flow, this connection.
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