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Seasons can follow trends or go against the grain.
Colmar’s ultrasonic quilting changes all the rules.

COLMAR ORIGINALS - Date: apr. 27, 2018

olmar Originals enriches the proposals for the summer season with high-tech details, capturing exclusive frequencies. Dedicated to those who love to stand out.

Style makes use of an innovative technique, which has recently brought a new twist to the idea of quality in fashion: ultrasonic welding. A high-resistance result, thanks to the thread-less seams, created using special vibrations that produce a rapid increase in heat, melting the fibres together and “welding” the fabric.

Three models for women and three for men, padded with very light wadding, with linear or scalloped quilting.

For those who know how to listen, there are high, precise and unerring ultrasounds, ready to be received.

Those who wear Colmar Originals have the key to picking up new frequencies and set their sights on a technical, modern and trendy style.

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