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City and nature. An oxymoron that becomes a simile.
Sensations, colours, sounds and images that blend
harmoniously to create a perfect symphony.

COLMAR ORIGINALS - Date: feb. 16, 2018

Where the strip of sand embraces the geometric figures of the skyline, the symphony manifests all its power. Metropolitan details seem to be an extension of nature and the urban sounds blend into the silence of the uncontaminated landscapes.

The scene’s protagonists are the items from the SS18 collection, a modern reinterpretation of the defining styles, designs and architecture of our era. Past, present and future combine to conceive of a highly-balanced collection, in which geometric silhouettes alternate with undulating and sinuous lines. The items from the Research line have clean, timeless shapes and are enriched by metallized surfaces, Japanese denim inserts and padded details.

Symphony is the meeting point between nature and the city, a harmony of different notes in a single stave that brings life to the summer soundtrack.

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