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The sun’s about to rise, the snow is fresh,
the cameras are frozen.
The Japanese journey can begin.

COLMAR SPORT - Date: jan. 17, 2018

IKIGAI is a word which doesn’t exist in the rest of the world. It’s the reason to get up in the morning, it’s what freeriders Luca Tribondeau and Richard Amacker found in the place where they immersed themselves to the point of losing their bearings, during their journey with Colmar.

A journey happens stage by stage, according to schedule. But not this one. From Tokyo to Niseko, Rusutsu and Kirikoro, the snow sent all our plans haywire. Everything depends on it, its desire to fall to the ground and wipe out tracks. Without snow, our journey cannot go ahead.

SERUFI is the need to photograph, record and remember forever. Every moment experienced on this journey is unique and must be recorded, no matter how difficult. A clapperboard, a shot, to preserve the most incredible instant.

It looks like a metre of icing sugar. The snow is so soft and so deep you can dive into it. It’s lightweight but envelops you in a padded embrace. It’s cold, but it warms the heart. Luca and Richard experienced it like this, with utter empathy: MONO NO AWARE.

Excitement lives where everything’s surprising. Where wind, sunshine, snowflakes and blizzards alternate with maniacal frenzy. That’s when you have to do even more, give your best. GANBARU.

We’re back in the real world, with days that last 24 hours. But all it takes is a sound, a smell, an object, and the mind instantly returns there, with shivers of memory. FUUBUTSUSHI is the final word that’s unlike any other. It’s the word that takes us back there, lost once more in the memories Japan has given us.

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