The wind blowing in your face. The friction of your skis over the blanket of white. The whisper of your breath lost to the air. Snow has a lot to say.

IN CASO DI NEVE, COLMAR - Date: nov. 7, 2017

When snow talks, the world remains silent. Gliding around curves and across straight stretches, we can feel the melody that is created by the contact: that of our body against the slope, against the wind and against our desire to go further.

The flirtation between Colmar and snow began in the 1930s when Mario Colombo’s little factory was making work overalls that soon became the apparel of choice for skiing pioneers when hitting the slopes. The need for clothing designed just for them soon became essential. So much so that it led Colmar to design the first aerodynamic piece made with high-performance fabrics, imbued with the meticulous attention to detail that is so typical of Italian style.

Ever since then Colmar has been a real point of reference in case of snow: style, innovation and functionality distinguish all the looks in the new Winter 17/18 Ski Collection..

Each snowflake falls and settles slowly over another, glistening beneath the sun and reflecting the elegant lines and stylish details of every model, each one made keeping in mind the exclusive relationship that we establish with snow. A unique bond that must be enhanced through a piece that provides performance along with maximum freedom of movement.
Men's Jackets
Women's Jackets

This is how the everyday life of the world remains outside. Snow creates a unique adventure that should be experienced to the fullest – with determination and in complete safety. It absorbs the humdrum of routine and introduces new white and even 'padded' backdrops that are marked only by the tracks of the people who cross it.

Slope after slope, curve after curve, the pursuit of the perfect harmony between sport, style, innovation and history continues.

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