An emotion is like a snowflake: each one is unique and inimitable.

The spectacle of fresh snow and the twinkling light effects it generates as the flakes come haphazardly to rest offer each one of us our very own delicate experience, made up of a multitude of nuances of amazement, joy, adrenalin and peace.

At the top of the mountain, close your eyes and let yourself get carried away by the fragrance of the chilly air, savouring the moment of the descent with the enthusiasm of a child…and then off you go, down the snowy-white slopes: just you, your skis and that sensation of freedom as you tackle the descent, while the adrenalin courses through you, as you hear the sound of the blades slicing through the snow and the freezing cold air caressing your cheek.

Instants of perfection, moments you’ll never forget.

For almost a century now, Colmar has been a companion to those who choose to experience emotions like these.

This natural empathy comes from a timeless passion that knows no borders: a journey in search of perfection, driven by the determination to improve our products and ourselves, aware that just one thing will remain impressed on our memories forever:

… in caso di neve. 

“I already prepared all the gear the day before and in the car on the way up to the skiing station I was already wearing my helmet because I just couldn’t wait to get on the snow. And ski, ski and ski.”

LUCA TRIbondeau

“The aim and challenge is therefore to handle it, and sure enough, when you do, that’s when you ski at your best, and get a larger adrenaline rush.”


“For me, the adrenaline is the elixir of life. I need it. It’s what makes me fell alive, and yes, I really like to feel it”

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