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Life on the golf course made stylish.
This season’s colours on the Green.

COLMAR SPORT - Date: apr. 20, 2018

Golf is a game
of concentration and smiles, determination
and humour, depth and lightness.

ellow represents wisdom, knowledge and balance: find the latest Colmar items in this colour for a summer on the Green filled with energy.

Polo shirts, trousers and mini dresses with pleated ruffles create optical effects that add dynamism, amplify movements and enhance curves.

Those on the Green have the situation under control and do not fear any distraction.

Strength, power and determination are coloured red, painting a high-quality collection with a new, playful way of interpreting style. Always ensuring maximum comfort even in extreme climatic conditions.

Before each swing, you need to stop for a moment to relax your muscles and mind. And then, in a fraction of a second, make the right choice selected from thousands of options.

In the Colmar collection, blue represents tranquillity and reflection. For men the classic navy shades go from blue curacao to deep azure, while for women they become a delicate powder blue.

The quality looks to the more fashionable side of Golf, with rain-proof outfits, padding and hyper-technical garments to match together for high performance.

Because there is no climate or season that
can stop you from experiencing this sport at its best.
And pursuing perfection on the course
has never been so much fun.

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