There’s a story that goes beyond the fate of fashion. It’s a story that began with a fabric, developed in clothing and has become an icon for entire generations. It’s the story of a fashion that’s no longer a trend, but an everyday certainty.

COLMAR ORIGINALS - Date: mar. 07, 2018

The 1950s. America elevated jeans to the status of the emblematic rebel style launched by Hollywood legends and Rock ‘n’ Roll icons. In the meantime, Japanese industry was coming up with its own vision of the lightweight indigo fabric, which it would soon turn into one of the finest in the world: Japanese denim.

This denim of Japanese origin, teamed with a variety of fabrics, is the new feature Colmar Originals is delighted to present in its new Research line, the pride of the SS18 collection: items in various models, with natural indigo pigments and maxi denim tone-on-tone logos.

From a leading fashion model to a symbol of anti-fashion. Worn in the 1960s as an emblem of a refusal to conform and follow formal style, blue denim jeans mark a shift away from the mainstream

There is no area of fashion in which denim has not found a way to express itself. After leaving behind the exclusively casual connotation of its origins, it has now begun to respond to a whole spectrum of style demands, from ultra-casual to exquisitely elegant, with a hitherto untapped versatility.

Since it made its way into our wardrobe, denim has never left. Today, together with Colmar Originals, it continues to forge ahead through changing seasons, fashions and times.

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