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the dynamism
of stillness


Motion and emotion. A charming sense of sculptural dynamism.
A synthetic body language expressing strength, determination, willingness.
The Colmar Spring/ Summer 2020 advertising campaign telegraphs a bold,
concise message of self-awareness and personal power…
to hit the concrete jungle head-on.

In keeping with her signature style focused on the combination of
sculptural compositions, abstract forms and vibrant colors,
world-acclaimed Dutch photographer and artist Viviane Sassen evokes
the striking graphics of minimal art and the sharp
yet smooth movements of conceptual choreographies.

The result is a fascinating sequence of bold, audacious, captivating images.
The overall oxymoronic sense of dynamic stillness is exalted by the slick yet vivacious
minimalism of the collection, where the refined essentiality of the silhouette
is en¬hanced by textured materials and vibrant tones.

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