More than a symbol, more than a trademark.
Just like in the Nineties, the logo is back with a bang.

COLMAR ORIGINALS - Date: mar. 27, 2018


he days when TV series were called TV shows, and when a playlist was a compilation you listened to on tape, or on the first CDs. The days when mobiles, modems and PCs made their début in our homes, changing our habits and our way of life. The days when we were all mad about bands and the oversize look, with logos always right in your face.
The Nineties, the bombastic epilogue of a crazy century.

The logo mania years are back, with a relaunch of those symbols that grew in size and multiplied endless times to form a pattern, shouting out to the world and making a hugely confident impact among the trends for 2018.

It’s no longer the brand that steals the scene, but the logo, shaking off all its limitations and going with the flow of creativity and imagination, offering a different, fun approach to fashion every time.

Colmar’s Originals by Originals line is the perfect expression of this new trend.
Unisex models with a Nineties inspiration: nylon jackets, sweatshirts and t-shirts with young, fancy, modern shapes, with an oversize focus that keeps the logo to the fore all the time, as well as plain-coloured items for more classic tastes.

The logo has taken over the fashion scene once more, with striking contrasting effects and vibrant colours that stand out against the fabrics.

Ready to proudly reclaim its starring role and shout out to the world, the logo reminds us - with its unwieldy grace and crazy, tongue-in-cheek style – that it’s the one true face of the brand.

Because without it, a brand has no personality, no character.
The logo is pure identity.

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