Rewind. Frame after frame, back to the start.
Then Play. And the memories begin.

COLMAR ORIGINALS - Date: feb. 26, 2018

It’s the magic of seeing an era return, to be relived in our times.
It’s an opportunity for those who lived in those years to feel the same emotions once more.
And it’s the right moment, for those who didn’t, to discover a taste that belongs to a not-so-distant past and that now finds its finest expression.

he SS18 season is getting ready to welcome the new ideas from the collaboration between Colmar Originals and Au Jour Le Jour, the brand founded by Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez in 2010, outstanding for its vision of elegance with an ironic, yet cultured and sophisticated slant.
A capsule collection which, having accompanied us on the slopes, takes us back to a time when we relaxed stylishly in the sun.

The overall look, born of a new interpretation of 80s and 90s archives, is in the spirit of happy fashion: jacquard designs, maxi brooches and all the imagination of Au Jour Le Jour’s contemporary taste combined with Colmar know-how, for a perfect balance.

Summer, with its stories and its characters, is at centre stage in this new collection, observed as if in a film from long ago. A video cassette forgotten for years on its shelf and seen again now, with new, grown-up eyes and a desire to relive those moments.

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