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Since the Fall/Winter 2013 collection, Colmar has used Certilogo’s technology and experience to enable customers to verify the authenticity of Colmar branded products.
Authenticating a product is quick and easy: simply locate the Certilogo label sewn inside each Colmar and Colmar Originals coat, scan the QR code with a smartphone, or go to
www.certilogo.com and type in the unique 12-digit CLG code.

Ensuring it’s authentic

Colmar has always been at the forefront in the fight against counterfeit products and works with customs authorities and entities tasked with stopping the production and marketing of non-authentic garments across the world.
Counterfeiting is not just illegal, it also leads to items made with poor-quality materials entering the market. If you buy a counterfeit garment, you run the risk of owning products that are not up to standard without any warranty or support available. For this reason, we would encourage customers to protect themselves by only purchasing items from official distribution channels, including
Colmar Flagship Stores
and authorised resellers.

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