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Quality and reliability: the attributes of an authentic piece of clothing.

Counterfeit of clothing is a widespread phenomenon. Increasing demand and popularity of brand names like Colmar and Colmar Originals have, regretfully, led to an ever-growing presence in the market of counterfeit clothes. Manifattura Mario Colombo & C., owner of the two trademarks, is at the forefront of combating this problem, and of sensitizing customers to what steps are necessary to ensure they purchase authentic clothes.

Counterfeiting is not only illegal, but releases on the market clothes produced with poor quality materials and, often, by forcing workers into inhumane conditions. Those who purchase a counterfeit piece of clothing are exposed to the risk of having non-compliant items, uncovered by warranty or assistance service. For this reason, we invite our customers to protect themselves and purchase only authentic Colmar products from our authorized dealers or approved Internet sites, such as www.colmar.it

Colmar is at the forefront of the fight against counterfeiting, and cooperates across the globe with Customs Authorities and Entities designated to combat counterfeiting, to stop production and shipment of counterfeit clothes, and to prevent their release to markets. We are not always successful; this is why we also need your support, dear customers. If you are selling counterfeit clothes or question the authenticity of Colmar products purchased on line, feel free to contact us by using the form contacts to help us fight this problem.

Furthermore, in order to ensure its customers authenticity and quality, Manifattura Mario Colombo & C. participates in the anti-counterfeit campaign promoted by Certilogo.

All Colmar and Colmar Originals clothes feature a tag bearing a unique Certilogo code, so that verifying authenticity on line is quick and simple. It is sufficient to log on to www.certilogo.com from any computer, tablet, or Smartphone, and insert the code for a quick and effortless authenticity check.

Coupled with this new authenticity check, the legal initiatives we have implemented to protect our brand and steps we have taken on the market to better acquaint customers to our products aim at fighting counterfeiting, whose ultimate objective is to weaken those values of quality and reliability in which we strongly believe, and which our customers have been recognizing and appreciating for more than 90 years.


If you have a product marked Certilogo , proceed with authentication

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