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Team of Liechteinstein

Alpine skiing

The Federation of Liechtenstein is a small organisation that has existed for many years and that has given the world of skiing some great champions. Thanks to its geographical position, its athletes have always been able to train with the best federations (Switzerland, Austria, etc. ..) and this has enabled them to grow in competitions samples up to the highest levels.

Among the most important names are the same president, Andreas Wenzel, winner of a World Cup in 1980, two Olympic medals and three World Cup. His sister, Hanni Wenzel, was one of the strongest skiers in history, winning 2 World Cups, 4 Olympic medals and 9 medals at the World Championships. Hanni’s daughter, Tina, is today one of the strongest athletes in the women’s World Cup and has all the papers in order to retrace the steps of her mother.

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